WODPA would like to thank all the dairy producer sponsors for their much valued financial contributions to the execution of WODPA's mission.

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Our Dairy Producer sponsors for the period of January 1st, 2019 to present:

1.50 per Milking Cow Participants:  ​ 

Blake's Landing Farms

Brodt Dairy

​Bucher Farms, Inc. 

Cahill Dairy, Inc. 

California Cloverleaf Farms 

Cantagree Farms 

Cowlitz Meadows Dairy, Inc. 

Danish Dairy, LLC

DeBernardi Dairy, Inc. 

Deelstra Dairy 

Diamond R Ranch​

​Double M Dairy 

Edelweiss Dairy, Inc. 
Full Circle Dairy 

Harmony Organic Dairy, LLC 

Hopewell Farm, LLC 

​Hughes Dairy 

JTL Ranch

Lafranchi Ranch 

Magneson Dairy 

McClelland's Dairy 

McClure Dairy, Inc. 

Osceola Jerseys, Inc.

Poland Dairy

Postmus Organic Dairy

Providence Farms

R&J McClelland Dairy 

Renati Dairy 

Shane Roberts Ranch 

Silva Dairy 

Spaletta Ranch 

​Sun-Ton Farms 

Sunrise Organic Dairy, LLC

The Rogue Creamery 

Wangsgard Willow Dairy 


One - Cent Program Participants: 

Alexandre Acres
​Alexandre Dairy
Avelar Brothers Dairy
Creekside Farms 
CSU Chico, Organic Dairy Program
Dykstra Farms, LLC​
Grand Canyon Dairy, LLC 
Loughmiller Inc. 
Miranda Dairy 
Seamist Organics​


George Bianchi Dairy

Blake's Landing Farms

Bonanza View Dairy, Inc. 

​DeBernardi Dairy, Inc. 

​Harmony Organic Dairy, LLC 

​Hughes Dairy 

​McClelland's Dairy 

​Providence Farms 

Renati Dairy 

​Shane Roberts Ranch 

​Sun-Ton Farms

Sunrise Organic Dairy, LLC

​Tejas Dunes LLC 

Windy Ridge