WODPA would like to thank all the dairy producer sponsors for their much valued financial contributions to the execution of WODPA's mission. 

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Our Dairy Producer sponsors for the period of January 1st, 2019 to present:

$1.50 per Milking Cow Participants:  ​ 

Beretta Dairy 

Blake's Landing Farms 

Brodt Dairy 

Bucher Farms, Inc. 

Cahill Organic Dairy 

California Cloverleaf Farms

Cantagree Farms

Cowlitz Meadows Dairy, Inc.

Danish Dairy LLC 

Deelstra Dairy 

Diamond R Ranch

Diamond W Dairy 

Double M Dairy, LLC

Edelweiss Dairy Inc. 

Full Circle Dairy 

George Bianchi Inc. 

Harmony Organic Dairy, LLC

Hopewell Farms LLC

Hughes Dairy 

JLT Ranch

Lafranchi Ranch

McClelland's Dairy 

McClure Dairy, Inc. 

Osceola Jerseys LLC

Poland Organic Dairy 

Postmus Organic Farms 

Providence Farms 

R & J McClelland Dairy 

Renati Dairy 

Robert McClelland Dairy 

Shane Roberts Ranch

Silva Family Dairy 

Spaletta Ranch 

Sun-Ton Farm 

The Rogue Creamery 

Thomas Valley Farm

Wangsgard Willow Dairy

Wesen Farms, Inc. 

Wesen Organic Dairy, LLC.

One - Cent Program Participants: 

Alexandre Acres
​Alexandre Dairy
Avelar Brothers Dairy
Creekside Farms 
CSU Chico, Organic Dairy Program
Dykstra Farms, LLC​
Grand Canyon Dairy, LLC 
Loughmiller Inc. 
Miranda Dairy 
Seamist Organics​


Blake's Landing Farms 

Bonanza View Dairy 

Cahill Dairy 

DeBernardi Dairy, Inc. 

Dolcini Jersey Dairy 

Fagundes Dairy 

Harmony Organic Dairy, LLC

Hughes Dairy 

McClelland's Dairy 

Providence Farms 

Renati Dairy 

Shane Roberts Ranch

Sunrise Organic Dairy, LLC 

Sun-Ton Farm 

Tejas Dunes LLC

Valley View Dairy

Wangsguard Willow Dairy 

Windy Ridge 


2020 Producer Payment Form